This is a list of all the courses being taught in law schools this Fall 2016 semester that we know about.   If your course is not on the list, email John Mayer ( and ask to join the Tech-For-Law-Students mailing list.

# Course Semester
1 LAW431 – Law Practice Technologies

Technology has changed the practice of law and, increasingly, is creating new job opportunities for enterprising law school graduates. This course will expose students to selected software, technologies and current trends that will allow them to approach the practice of law effectively and competitively. Students will gain hands-on, practical experience with a variety of these tools while also acquiring a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical ramifications surrounding the use of these technologies. Topics include cloud computing; artificial intelligence systems; technology-assisted review and eDiscovery; mobile lawyering; courtroom and presentation technologies; information security and maintaining client confidentiality.

University of North Carolina School of Law

Doug Edmunds <>

Doug’s CALICon15 presentation on YouTube “Yes, You Can – Offering a Law Practice Tech Course at Your Law School