Do You Teach Technology to Law Students?

Do you teach technology to law students?

Do you teach a law practice technology course?

Do you think law students should have a basic minimum set of tech competencies?

Do you know about ABA Standard RPC 1.1 Comment [8] or State Level rules which requires that lawyers have basic tech competency?

Then, this group is for YOU!

At this website, we hope to gather the community of people interesting in these issues and do the following…

  1. Share syllabi from our/your courses.
  2. Share materials, ideas, content that are useful.
  3. Other ideas?  Email and I will keep this post pinned to the top and updated.

Questions, ideas, problems, complaints, suggestions? Right, now, email John Mayer (  In the near future, join the Google Group which is in the process of formation.


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